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How Can Asset Finance Loans Help Refinance Equipment

06 Dec How Can Asset Finance Loans Help Refinance Equipment

The real question is not how can asset finance loans help refinance equipment, but rather how can refinancing equipment give your company a cash flow injection? This is where asset finance solutions can provide a company much needed cash to help them through the valleys and troughs of their cash flow. They can use released cash to fund everything from operations, equipment upgrades and purchase of new equipment.

How can Asset Finance Loans Help Refinance Equipment?

Small and large companies experience slow periods all the time. It may be seasonal, it may be between product changes or the economy has just slowed. Any of these conditions can reduce cash flow making it difficult to continue with the standard upgrades and replacement of manufacturing equipment and other supporting materials that are needed.

If you are in the enviable position of having assets that you own today, that are fully paid up or even partially paid up, you may be able to refinance this equipment using an asset finance solution to inject cash into your business at a time when it is most needed.

What Equipment Qualifies for an Asset Finance Solution?

Obviously the solutions vary with the company and the equipment being considered, the age and condition of the equipment and general credit worthiness, however here are some of the kinds of equipment that can be considered:

• Various kinds of Construction equipment
• Machinery used in your business operations
• Fixed plant, such as buildings etc
• Equipment used in agriculture production
• IT Systems and software
• Vehicles
• Stamping equipment and moulding equipment

Strategic Considerations Regarding Asset Financing

In business, timing is everything. Next to cash flow, timing product releases, production, upgrades etc can make the difference between a successful business and one that is being beat by the competition. Customers expect the best from their suppliers. They expect the latest improvements and they expect either lower costs or improved functionality. This is the nature of today’s business environment and business owners know they must use every solution available to them to compete.
Meeting these kinds of objectives and demands is not easy. If delays are experienced, due to lack of equipment upgrades for example, sales may lag affecting future cash flow. Productivity may not improve, increasing costs overall making your company less competitive in your products, your services or milestones.

This is why it is so important to utilize every bit of cash in real terms as well as cash that is tied up in equipment and plant to give your company the best competitive leverage you can afford. Our asset finance teams can discuss your needs and your asset position. They can discuss solutions that will help meet those needs and objectives and provide a quote to help your company remain as competitive as possible. Don’t hesitate; call today to begin discussions concerning an asset finance solution to improve your cash position and competitive leverage.

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